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The great thing about your “made to order” DOS gown is that your dress is made very closely to your exact measurements. The trick is we need to get those measurements from you first. So, we put together an easy how to guide-

1.) Grab a fabric tape measurer. (Don’t know what this is? Ask Grandma.)

2.) We need 4 measurements — waist, bust, hip, and length from your shoulder on down to your toes (be sure and wear heels relative to the height you’ll be wearing on the big day while taking this measurement).

3.) Watch this easy “how to” video our DOS interns put together and you should be good to go! (Additional instructions below.)


Keep those shoulders level and no slouching! Then measure around the fullest part of your bust. So that’s typically over the biggest part of your cup and back around the clasp of your bra. YUP! It’s that easy. 


Measure at the slimmest circumference of your waist. Just above your belly button and below your ribcage. Little trick, bend to either side and where your waist concaves this is the tiniest part of your natural waist. (Taa-daa!)


Simply measure around the fullest part of your hips. You may need a pal to make sure this measurement isn’t lopsided over your booty.


We promise you’re almost done! Measure from the top of your shoulder on down to the floor. (If you plan on wearing heels the day of your wedding, be sure to slip them on for this measurement.)

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