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Sisters’ Ashley and Brittany Castaños began drafting up ‘Daughters Of Simone’ 10 years ago with a passion to shake up the linear order that was then the wedding industry. The brand’s name had to follow this conviction and so was inspired by the visionary ‘Simone de Beauvoir’, a woman who did her own thing and went her own way during a time when women’s futures were rigidly predetermined. Simone is the backbone of Daughters Of Simone and the brand fuses her spirit into everything they do.

daughter of simone

Daughters of Simone's designs allude to the sisters' free spirited childhood, where colorful paint splatters were encouraged by their abstract artist mother. Where makeshift forts and multi-level tree houses sprung up with an “on the job” training approach by their hammer wielding father. A pinch of rebelliousness, a never give up theology, and lawless creativity were very much the recipe of their formative years. Out of which their eye for the unorthodox sprung.

daughter of simone
Daughters of Simone

Silhouettes are inspired by the free flowing era of the 1970s with fabrics comprised of scalloped crochet-laces and 100% buttery silks. Each style is meticulously examined for fit, often going through as many as 7 revisions before approval is secured for production. ‘Daughters’ taps into that sense of nostalgia, freedom and originality that so compliments the resilience of the female spirit. By wearing any piece by Daughters Of Simone you should feel like…yourself.

daughter of simone

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